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BBC News: A “much-needed” recruitment drive for adult social care workers has launched in Bradford due a growing list of vacancies in the district.

There are 1,100 empty roles in Bradford and Craven involving working with adults who need support for various conditions, according to the Bradford Care Association.

An estimated additional 3,579 care professionals will be locally needed in the next 10 years to meet demand, Bradford Council said.

The campaign will be promoted through social media, digital and print signage around the city and in community gathering spaces.

Peter Hopkinson, managing director of a care provider in Leeds, recently said social care needed to be made a priority by the next government to avoid a “national catastrophe”.

Bradford Council said the campaign highlighted the “crucial” role social care workers play.

The jobs range from providing companionship, supporting care home residents and helping those with a disability, with many advertised roles paying between £11 and £12 an hour.

Irteza Masood, a mental health social worker in the district, said: “Working in the social care sector is challenging but so rewarding.

“It’s important that we recruit people who can empathise with the people we work with, who believe in the strength of community resources and are able to have a positive attitude about enacting change.”

Rayhana Begum, managing director of a Bradford care provider, said: “A positive society is collectively made of people coming together to aid each other and this need in Bradford is no different to any other city.

“We hope this campaign will highlight the different roles that adult social care has to offer and inspire people to support their communities through a rewarding career.”


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